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Asbjørn Sørensen

Asbjørn Sørensen


Do you know the feeling of not remembering the entire name of a method - only that it starts with "add"? Or have you ever tried to forget whether it was the shift or the unshift method that returns the first element of your array?

As a software developer, I have tried that several times, which is why we at Syspeople have developed a new application – CodeNow.

An extension for Visual Studio Code

CodeNow is an extension for Visual Studio Code that aims to simplify and improve your ServiceNow development. The extension provides IntelliSense for Javascript and ServiceNow API's alike directly from within the code. It can seamlessly create, update, and save the changes you make to your instance and do it in the update set that you have either created or selected for the occasion. Also, when you need to open the web UI to get the last configuration locked in, it will be only one click away.


Achieve your goals faster

In other words, CodeNow helps you get and store information where and when you need it so you can achieve your goals faster. By using this new application, you can now spend more time on solving the issue at hand or build that new logic that your business needs, rather than organizing your information -  regardless of the form it has.


At Syspeople, our goal is to create the highest possible value for our customers. CodeNow supports the technical aspect of our vision by allowing us to work smarter and faster without compromise.


If you would like to empower your ServiceNow development, feel free to try out CodeNow.



How to get started

Getting started is simple.

  1. Install the extension from the visual studio marketplace or directly from Visual Studio Code. 
  2. Run the command: Connect to ServiceNow
  3. Open command using: Add Record to Workspace
  4. Start coding, when you save the changes, they are automatically uploaded. 


Detailed documentation such as supported records, API's, snippets, options and commands available can be found in the wiki on GitHub as well. We are continually expanding on available API's and types of records that you can work with. 


If you have any issues, feedback, or ideas, you are more than welcome to reach out to us on GitHub or Twitter. 

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