SCOM 2019: Unable to run Discovery Wizard?



A simple guide of how to solve it

Do you see this when pushing SCOM to a server after upgrading to 2019?


There’s a reason (and solution!) for that. Here's a simple guide of how to run Discovery Wizard after upgrading to SCOM 2019. 

Be aware of security changes

SCOM 2019 introduces some security changes, which you should be aware of, especially in regards to pushing agents from the console. The security changes are documented on the “What’s new in Operations Manager”. Read more about them here.

What's missing

What's not documented in these new security changes, is that the account used in “Administrator Account” in the wizard, needs to have “Log on as a service” on the Management Server used for discovery.

To grant this, head to Local Security Policy (secpol.msc) on the Management Server --> Local Policies --> User Rights Assignment and open “Log on as a service”. Add your SCOMAdmins group.

Note that the Action, SDK, DW accounts all have been added automatically.



After granting access you can run the Discovery Wizard. No need to restart any services.

This should be done on each Management and Gateway Server in your environment.

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