Knowlegde18 - Interview with Greg Petroff

Morten Steenbach Josephsen

Morten Steenbach Josephsen

Solution Architect

Knowledge18 this year in Las Vegas was transformational in many ways for me and my colleagues in Syspeople.

ServiceNow announced a bold new, human centered purpose and strategy to "Make the world of work, work better for people”.

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It alignes extremely well with the way we in Syspeople strive every day to support the development of the future of work.

The NOW platform will be centered around the user experience, where technology is supporting human interaction as the key driver to employee motivation, satisfaction and work-life balance.

After the Keynote I had the opportunity to sit down with Greg Petroff, Gobal Head of Design at ServiceNow and discuss how to approach this new paradigme of human centered digital transformation within the workplace.

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